Service and support

Design and engineering projects

With a history of more than sixty years in the design and production of fluid machinery, an excellent professional design team, strong product design and development capabilities, and a complete process flow, we can provide satisfactory products according to the different needs of customers. 

We use advanced engineering design software such as CAD and Solidworks for auxiliary design of the company's products. The main products comply with API610, DIN, ISO and other international standards. Years of design experience and advanced computer processing solutions provide engineers and technicians with detailed design data such as structural analysis, vibration analysis, noise analysis and water hammer simulation.

The PDM system is used to manage product-related information (including electronic documents, digital files and database records) and product-related processes (including work flow and change flow), and conduct information management throughout the product life cycle.


R&D and new technology

The company invests a lot of manpower and financial resources in the research and development of new technologies every year to integrate hydraulic design and analysis, three-dimensional modeling, flow field analysis, finite element analysis and numerical control processing. CAD and CFD are combined in an effective way which reduces the design time of the pump, reduces the design cost, and ensures the high performance of products. The company applies advanced automation and communication monitoring technologies to pump units to provide users with remote monitoring and control of the pump units. 

The introduction of American special paint spraying technology greatly improves the pump efficiency and the corrosion resistance and life of the products.

CFD computer simulation and flow field analysis

In order to ensure the reliability of the design and shorten the delivery cycle, the company uses the CFD flow field analysis software in the computer simulation of the hydraulic model to simulate the internal flow field of the pump, eliminate vortex backflow, reduce design deviations, and accurately predict performance parameters such as the flow, head, efficiency and necessary NPSH of the pump.