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American Petroleum Institute APIQ1 system certification

In November 2014, the major shareholder Hunan Tianyi Technology Co., Ltd. was restructed, and the company was changed to be 100% controlled by Hunan Tianyi Changjiang Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. in the name of China Great Wall Asset Management Co


Hunan Tane Ocean Pump Co., Ltd.

China Great Wall Asset Management Co., Ltd. acquired the equity of the company. In 2007, the company initiated internal restructuring and equity division. By 2008, the company completed the internal restructuring, equity restructuring and equity divi


National New Products

The company, as the main sponsor, established "Hunan Tianyi Pump Industry Co., Ltd.", which was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on February 3, becoming the first county-level state-owned listed company in China and the first listed pump company


Yueyang Aoxing Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

Yueyang Aoxing Electromechanical Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Hunan Pingjiang Submersible Motor Pump Factory and Jemkes Company of the United States, was formally established. The production and operation fields shifted from agricultural submer


Hunan Pingjiang Submersible Motor Pump Factory

The key production factory of small submersible motor pumps of the Ministry of Machine-Building Industry entered into one of the five key manufacturers of submersible motor pumps of the National Agricultural Machinization Association. By 1991, the co


Hunan Pingjiang Power Generation Equipment Factory

In the previous production process for over ten years, the company actively responded to the call of the country to promote water conservancy, vigorously developed and produced hydropower generating equipment in response to market demands, introduced


Pingjiang County Agricultural Machinery Factory

It was the first state-owned industrial enterprise in the county, which mainly produced simple agricultural machinery tools. In the early stage of the company's establishment, the production technology was basically at the level of manual workshops.