Service and support

Our company's service tenet is customer first! In order to meet customer needs, our service runs through the entire process from design, manufacturing, delivery, acceptance, installation, commissioning, use to maintenance after the warranty period. Our company has more than ten offices and after-sales service agencies in China, which can provide customers with fast after-sales service and some spare parts.

I. Commitment on design and manufacturing service

Design and manufacturing are carried out in strict accordance with the IS09001:2008 standard and the technical agreement;

II. Commitment on delivery and acceptance service

Shipment is carried out in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract terms to ensure that products are intact and delivered at the required time and place.

1. We notify the customer of delivery one week in advance, and suggest the customer arrange goods acceptance personnel and lifting equipment, and if possible, determine a warehouse;

2. Once the goods arrive at the site, we send professionals who will guide the unloading on the goods stacking site to ensure that the goods are undamagedly, safely and correctly unloaded to the stacking site;

3. A proper stacking site must be selected for unloading. If stacked in the open air, the products must be protected from rain, moisture, and theft. Our professionals will propose rain and moisture protection measure according to the site conditions;

4. In unpacking and acceptance, we carefully check the goods with the customer's acceptance personnel to ensure that the product model and quantity are the same as those in the contract, confirm the completeness of the packing list, visually inspect the product appearance quality, and take timely remedial measures if there are any omissions until the customer is satisfied;

III. Commitment on installation and commissioning service

1. Within 24 hours of receiving the customer's installation or commissioning notice, we send after-sales personnel to the use site who will guide the customer to install and commission according to the requirements of our company's technical data and drawings;

2. If the equipment has quality problems during the installation and/or debugging, we promise to find out the cases as quickly as possible and take measures to ensure customer satisfaction;

3. For the installation and commissioning work, our company issues an installation and commissioning specification, fully cooperates with the owner, supervision and construction units, and keeps field service and installation and commissioning records for files.

IV. Commitment on the service during the warranty period

Three-guarantee period: 18 months after the equipment leaves the factory or 12 months after the equipment is officially operated (whichever comes first).

1. Commitment on service response: After receiving the quality abnormality information from customers, our company will make a reply within 24 hours;

2. Commitment on quality handling: After-sales personnel go to the site and find quality causes in time, and quickly give a solution to the problem; if any parts or equipment need to be replaced, we promise to replace them free of charge;

3. Commitment on training service: we provide customers with free technical training in installation, commissioning, use, upkeeping and maintenance, and personnel and specific time are determined by customers;

4. Commitment on service specifications: We promise that service personnel bring their own repair tools to the site and have a polite, amiable attitude, watch more, think more, talk less and do more on the site;

V. Commitment on the service during the warranty period

Our company has established a database for all users, implements lifelong service, and make a regular return visit.

1. Personnel training: the customer's operators can go to our company and receive training in pump repair and upkeeping;

2. Regular return visits: to guide customers in daily maintenance, promptly identify and solve possible failures, and provide customers with lifelong tracking services throughout the process;

3. Supply of vulnerable parts: a database and detailed user files have been established for all users to provide customers with high-quality and inexpensive parts for the service life.