Vertical in-line pump (OH3)

Parameter range

Flow rate: Q ~2600 m³/h

Head: H ~ 300m

Temperature: T -40 ~ +250℃

Design pressure: P ~5.0MPa

Scope of application

Oil refinery/petrochemical plant/general industrial processes

Coal chemical industry and low temperature engineering/water supply and water treatment

Seawater desalination/pipeline booster

Material standard

Casing: cast iron / spheroidal graphite cast iron / stainless steel / duplex stainless steel
Shaft: stainless steel / alloy steel
Impeller: cast iron / bronze / stainless steel / duplex stainless steel


This series of pumps is single-stage, single-suction, radially split, vertical in-line centrifugal pumps. The pumps are designed and manufactured in accordance with API610 and GB3215 standards. The pumps are of API610OH3 type in the structure; the OH3 vertical in-line pump is a vertical in-line single-stage overhung pump with an independent bearing bracket; the axial thrust of this series of pumps is balanced by the front and rear wear rings and balancing holes of the impeller, and the residual axial thrust is borne by the thrust bearing in the bearing housing; the bearing is lubricated with grease; the motor is installed on a frame integrated with the pump; the pump and the driver are connected by a flexible coupling with an extension.

This series of pumps rotates clockwise when viewed downwards from the motor end. The OH3 series of pumps has the center lines of the discharge and suction openings on the same horizontal line, so they occupy a small area and are easy to mount.

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