Single-stage and double-suction split centrifugal pumps (BB1)

Parameter range

Flow rate: Q ~20000 m³/h

Head: H ~ 300m

Temperature: T ~205℃

Design pressure: P ~15 MPa

Scope of application

Long-distance pipeline / crude oil and oil product transportation / transportation of other liquid chemical products

Material standard

Casing: cast iron / spheroidal graphite cast iron / stainless steel / duplex stainless steel
Shaft: stainless steel / alloy steel
Impeller: cast iron / bronze / stainless steel / duplex stainless steel


The single-stage double-suction horizontally split design balances the axial thrust of the pump. The split structure makes it unnecessary to disassemble the pipe system during pump maintenance, and a variety of bearing structure designs can meet the work needs of different situations.