Two-stage split centrifugal pumps (BB1)

Parameter range

Flow rate: Q ~8000 m³/h

Head: H ~ 500m

Temperature: T ~205℃

Design pressure: P ~10MPa

Scope of application

Petroleum production / petrochemical / chemical / coal chemical / pipeline transportation, etc.

Material standard

Casing: cast iron / spheroidal graphite cast iron / stainless steel / duplex stainless steel
Shaft: stainless steel / alloy steel
Impeller: cast iron / bronze / stainless steel / duplex stainless steel


Among them, KY is the first-stage single-suction two-stage centrifugal pump, and KSY is the first-stage double-suction two-stage centrifugal pump. In the split structure with the inlet and outlet connecting pipes connected to the lower casing, you can inspect or repair the inner parts of the rotor after opening the upper casing.