Radially split between bearings centrifugal pump (BB2)

Parameter range

Flow rate: Q ~5000 m³/h

Head: H ~ 480m

Temperature: T -80~+450℃

Design pressure: P ~10MPa

Scope of application

Petroleum refining / petrochemical and chemical industry / petroleum, liquefied petroleum gas and other media not containing solid particles / especially suitable for transporting high temperature and high pressure, flammable, explosive or toxic liquids

Material standard

Casing: cast iron / spheroidal graphite cast iron / stainless steel / duplex stainless steel
Shaft: stainless steel / alloy steel
Impeller: cast iron / bronze / stainless steel / duplex stainless steel


The pump has a horizontal, radially split, single-stage or two-stage (three-stage or four-stage can be used in special cases), centerline-mounted, and between bearing structure. Both the suction opening flange and the discharge opening flange of the pump are on the casing, and both face upwards vertically. The shaft sealing chamber and the casing cover are cast into one, which can contain various mechanical seals. An optional water-cooled chamber jacket is cast outside the shaft sealing chamber.